High Quality Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Men Titanium Anti Blue Light Glasses Women Casual Eyewear For Elderly


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High Quality Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Men Titanium Anti Blue Light Glasses Women Casual Eyewear For Elderly
Because the lens is relatively small, it is recommended that multifocal glasses increase by 50 than the usual prescription, (for example, usually use +100 to purchase +150), so that the reading area will be on the upper side. Anti-blue light lenses can be purchased as usual.

Product Description
Once you do this, you will fall in love with them. 101 times a day without putting on and taking off
For new wearers, how to quickly adapt to new progressive lenses:
Stop wearing old glasses.
The top area of the lens is used for far vision and it provides maximum visibility. When you look down, the lens will magnify, allowing you to see more clearly at close range.
To stare at an object, turn your head and look directly at it (don’t just turn your eyes). Then simply raise or lower the chin until the object comes into focus.

Adaptation process: first try to sit in front of the TV and watch TV clearly-then sit and read a book clearly-then try to wear it when walking indoors-then go up and down the stairs-and finally wear it when walking outdoors.
If you feel they are hurting your eyes, stop using progressive lenses temporarily. Then, reapply them. Over time, wearing them will become more comfortable.
When you wear this type of glasses for the first time, you may feel blurred or distorted vision. However, the more lenses you wear, the faster these symptoms will subside. Give them a chance to work. You will be glad you did.
For experienced wearers:
A pair of new advancers-even in the same prescription-can still have a slight adaptation period. This is because no two pairs of progressive glasses are the same. For example, some people are more sensitive to viewing multiple areas in a small lens, so switching to a larger lens size frame can provide greater comfort and adaptability.
While most users have great success with wearing progressives, they are not suitable for everyone. If you still can’t adapt, have a headache or feel unbalanced after two weeks, please contact us to return the product and choose our other styles to try.【Titanium Alloy & Lightweight】: It make with high quality titanium alloy. So the glasses frame is so light weight and comfortable. The frame is very flexible for the Titanium alloy material.
【Transparent Lens】 – Transparent lenses are not easy to be scratched. Temple with firm and flexible, lightweight excellent ,toughness, and making these reading glasses not easy to be scratched.
【Anti Blue Light Lens & Reading Effortless】Blue light blocking glasses anti harmful blue ray, Protect the eyes from computer visual syndrome and reduce headache, Protecting eyes from invisible injurious blue ray which from Computer/ Reading/TV/Phones/Gaming/Pad etc.
【Progressive & No Put On And Take Off】 Now you looked up, vision was not blurred. They’re the only ones that you can wear without taking them off to view things at a distance and everything not be blurry. The lower half is great for reading and the weaker mid to upper range is perfect for that 2-3 foot rang of a computer screen.
【Warranty】: 15 days of free return, you can rest assured to buy, and we ensure to give you a good shopping experience


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